Charting components assist in rapidly assessing iteration, project and developer progress


Wall view allows developers and project managers to quicly assess and manage iteration tasks


Coming soon full defect lifecycle management. Bring defects seemlessly into an iteraton for development like any other iteration task.

Express - Agile Project Management

Express is an open source, Agile project management tool. It provides tools for managing and tracking stories and tasks, projects and iterations. It has a virtual Kanban wall for tracking progress of tasks and stories and provides reporting through iteration burndown charts and an iteration velicity comparison chart. Impediments can be logged and tracked, and coming soon will be features around defect management and project risk/issue management.

Express is itself an Agile project and is under active development. It is being used to track and manage projects in many commercial coding companies. Details of the development roadmap can be seen on the roadmap page and we are happy to be guided by users on what features are important.